Being a Self Starter

Being a Self Starter


“Makarand, Today, you have to tell me the #Secret! “ A #client asked me at the lunch meeting. “How in the world do you manage to have such a #proactive and yet seamless #development across the company at such scale?”

It’s been the #third time the client raised this #question in a week’s time, and I realized that this is something I must share with my #entrepreneur peers.

Being a #selfstarter is a most respected quality in CoreView.

Wait, wait, wait!

It does not mean will start typing the code right away. There are #rules to be followed.

Any #action requires #permission from the right authorities. Be it a customer, an end-user, our team leads, the executive management, or the government. When there is a difference of opinion, discussions must happen and a decision must be made. Many times we get it right sometimes we don’t. Sometimes we run into roadblocks.

Keeping quiet about the #failure to deliver, is the worst way of handling failure. We would rather bring it forward as soon as we find it, #discuss the alternatives and impacts, and bring it to closure in a mutually beneficial and respectable way.

Though one is #responsible to deliver what is needed, it has to meet the needs of the #stakeholders.

What is your experience?

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