Goal, not the Technology

Goal, not the Technology


Technology plays a crucial role in solving the problem, but just the knowledge of technology is never good enough.
Recently came across a discussion on Linked In, focusing on the rapid changes in technology as well as emergence of newer technologies. The rapid pace makes it impossible to know each and every change around you.
How useful is it for you to know that your software vendor has a very high level of expertise in a particular technology?
In many cases during our initial discussions with prospective customers, we are asked whether we have an expertise in a specific technology. The initial focus on technology can get you started in the wrong direction. What they really need is an expertise to solve their business problems.
As the discussions with the customer progresses, our focus is on identifying the real business challenge and then look for a technology to solve that problem.
Again, after the solution is developed, implementation and support during execution is critical to the overall success of the business. And that can also be provided only those who understand the real business challenge, and not just technology.

Have you faced this before?

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