Waiting in the queues?

Waiting in the queues?

Service Queue Management


COVID or No COVID, some of our customers have been happily waiting in the queues.

Imagine going to a hi-life restaurant without pushing through the crowd,
Imagine getting into a queue, before you reach,
while being assured your position in the queue, and without impatiently watching over others’ shoulders.

Imagine the ease of stepping into the restaurant and being served immediately,
without occupying parking spots while during your wait time.
Imagine all of the above without installing any application on your phone,
without getting bombarded with irrelevant advertisements.

Sounds like a dream come true, doesn’t it?

‘TokenJunction’ is a technological solution for Service Queue Management. It has created a social impact by creating deterministic queues, reducing wait time for customers, regulating parking space, and reducing crowding. More than two hundred thousand people have enjoyed their waiting time at Supreme Corner in Pune. Many of them have used it multiple times.

‘Nakul Patel’ the owner of Supreme Corner proudly says – “It has been such a peaceful life and a prosperous business after we implemented TokenJunction at Supreme Corner.”

Those who are in Pune, check out TokenJuntion at Supreme Corner on JM Road!

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