The mid level management blues

The mid level management blues

mid level management


“How is it going Mandira?” Viraj asked.

It has been some years since we last met Mandira, on the day she started learning about leadership and management. She manages multiple projects now. She is selected to undergo a leadership coaching program run by the company for the promising leadership candidates.

“It’s going good Viraj. I am handling new challenges now and enjoying them. “answered Mandira.

“What challenges are you talking about? Managing one project multiplied by a few more is the same old right?”

“It is not just that. Each project is different in some ways and the same in some other ways. It is one important aspect of my work but not the only one. I am also responsible for my teams. I believe as a mid-level manager I am the link between my teams and the top-level management”

“I have learned one thing while being this link. When you are talking to top management, you have to be prepared – to present your perspective. Ask relevant questions to understand the direction they have decided.  Debate and dispute if you do not agree with it.

But after that when the direction is decided while working with the team, you have to convey the direction to your team with conviction.  You do not show your disputes to the team. You do not confuse your team. It is not good for your team.

You now have to absorb the pressure as the mid-level manager and not pass it on to the team. Absorb the pressure, and let your teamwork in peace, concentrating on their tasks.”

“That is right Mandira. I had not thought about it this way.” Viraj said.

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