All Hands Meeting

All Hands Meeting


Monday this week was marked by our last “all company meeting” for the year 2020.

Well, the #meetings have been happening since the inception of the company. #Management shares company progress in front of all the employees and solicits feedback. This was executed well for the past several years, however, during 2020 it turned out to be the most powerful tool of the year.

CoreView #leadership takes every opportunity to communicate openly with #employees. Our plans for generating new business, expanding on existing lines, identifying new focus areas, or improvements that can help us to scale, are shared and discussed.

Be it a new #customer acquisition, the start of a new project for an existing customer, welcome to a new employee, or planning of a company event, it will definitely get discussed to make it more meaningful to the participants.

During #COVID times, when we were forced to work from home, in the last floor meeting we discussed the requirements, possibilities, and steps to make it happen. Everything was executed seamlessly without a single day of downtime for the work.

As a leader, how do you ensure the #participation of the entire team in making critical decisions for the company?

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