How to elevate the productivity of meetings?

How to elevate the productivity of meetings?

How to elevate the productivity of Meetings


Any meeting has three types of participants, those who talk, those who listen, and those who don’t do anything.

Ideally, any meeting should have only two persons in it.

Every extra person present is a loss of productivity.

Though a lot has been written about conducting meetings efficiently, it becomes difficult to practice, particularly when all the participants are not in one room.

For the last so many years, we have been working remotely with customers, and here are a few guidelines that we follow to save time, effort, and money.

·       The organizer should clearly define the objective of the meeting.
·       Identify and invite only those who can effectively contribute towards the objective.
·       Circulate enough information in advance, so as to minimize the collective time together.

Looking at the objectives, the attendees decide whether they can contribute meaningfully, or else decline the meeting. Check the available information and ask relevant questions ahead of time.

The meeting proceeds with minimum and relevant discussions. The points of discussions and the decisions taken are documented and circulated to all concerned, even to those who did not attend.

What has been your meeting experience during the lockdown?

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