Are you ready to take a massive risk?

Are you ready to take a massive risk?

Are you ready to take a massive risk?

Yash was engrossed in some thoughts as we settled for the cup of coffee. I kept quiet while he took some time to gather his thoughts.

“Last week I was relieved from the job. My idea is fully explained to the team, and I am just waiting for Sangram to finish the product development. I wish I had continued with the job for some more time. It would have reduced the financial pressures. Was I too quick to quit the job?”

Moving from the comfort zone of regular monthly income to another extreme of zero income is sure to create unrest.

“Yash, calm down. You have planned very well for the `no income` period. Isn’t it? You are very much required in your new startup.”

There are several things a founder must take care of while the product is in development.

– The most important one is to make sure that every team member is functioning with full productivity and is not blocked for something stupid.

– The next one is to ensure that development is going on the right track. When there are multiple people involved, there are very high chances that the critical things may be misunderstood.

– Provide assurance to everyone that things are going well, and we are in control.

Over and above all, building a new product is a very involved activity and cannot be done half-heartedly.

Would you work for a startup where the founder is working part-time?

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