B2B or B2C?

B2B or B2C?

B2B or B2C?

During the initial days at CoreView, we got an opportunity to present to a large multinational. CoreView was a small startup then, but technically strong enough to face the challenge.

We started talking about capabilities. As soon as we opened the slide on “TokenJunction”, one of the directors jumped in.

“Oh! Is that your product?”
“I have used it before, and I was wondering who has developed this simple but elegant product.”

Realizing he was on our side, we looked at each other with a smile. We had won the heart of our user.

“The concept is awesome, and the simplicity of its use is amazing. It gives me exactly what I need, nothing less, nothing more.”

His sentiments explain exactly what the users look for in a solution. Isn’t it?

It sounds easy, however achieving it is a lot tougher. It must be part of our culture and become a habit. Knowledge about the customer’s requirements is essential but is incomplete without empathy.

To be an effective service provider, one needs to understand the real needs of their customers. In a B to B service environment the focus shifts to the next level, that is your customer’s customer.

Customers clearly specify their expectations. The end-user is different. A successful solution must meet the expectations of the end-user. right?

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