Understand your users

Understand your users


AND We bagged a #testing project from a multimillion-dollar client BEFORE writing a single test case!!!
Here is the most amazing story about how thinking ahead of your client can be a huge advantage.

How do you ensure that your product will work well? The obvious answer is “Rigorous testing.” Isn’t it?

Any amount of testing will be ineffective if one does not understand the end-user.

In a competitive bidding situation, CoreView was bidding in front of a large multinational. All vendors were given a scenario, to create test cases.
It was a form with a large number of fields and a submit button. Pretty straightforward user interaction.

All others defined comprehensive #testcases. Field validations, form level, positive, negative, edge cases, compulsory/optional checks, tab order; everything was covered.

Only we were different.

“Will all the data be available, when the #user starts entering?”
“If suppose one of the digits in a number on the handwritten input form is not readable, then what is the action expected?”
“How much time will it take to fill in the entire data in the form? How does it compare with the session timeout? Will the user see a timeout error?”

No wonder we won!

Do you get such weird questions, from your vendor?

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