Human Learning and AI

Human Learning and AI


It was my first month in the new job. I was working with a new prospect and visited them multiple times to finalize the proposal for their requirements. It may sound a bit strange now, but in those days we used to meet in person for discussions. Phones were used only to get appointments. It was becoming a routine for me to arrive at the company guesthouse the previous night and to leave for the office early in the morning just after a quick breakfast.

This time I arrived very late at night and did not get a chance to inform the caretaker about my next day’s plans. I got ready early in the morning and reached the kitchen hoping to get something for breakfast, I was up for a big surprise. My favorite breakfast was already waiting for me. As I was close to finishing the food a hot cup of tea with just the right amount of sugar was delivered to my table.

Sounds like a great story of customer service? Yes sure it is, and it is also a great example of human learning.

The dependence on human learning fails miserably when we implement it at a large scale and in different geographies. There must be some way to automate it using machines.

Why not? Look at this –

Recently, when I was getting late to start the office, my phone assistant reminded me and also offered to find a different route to make up for the delay. I was surprised. I had not set any reminders. A lot of research is already in place, making it feasible for regular use, and I will not be surprised if I see more such examples soon.

Have you tried to use AI/ML for business benefit?

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