Don’t wait..Get, Set and Go!

Don’t wait..Get, Set and Go!

When you are close to your aim, run like a cheetah

“Good things come to people who wait, but better things come to those who go out and get them.” – Walt Disney

“We have been running like a horse for the release, it is so close but still eluding.” Srini who was leading one of the customer projects was talking to me over lunch.

“You said it Srini, when you are so close, you have to run like a Cheetah. It is not just about the speed but the killer instinct that matters. Just go grab it.”

“Yes, but it is so tiring, it is not possible to keep running like that.”

“That is also right Srini, it is not required to run like that all the time.”

Often I find leaders and managers caught up in the dilemma of lazy overthinking versus hasty actions.
Both of which ruin the result.

Overthinking may result in procrastination, making us unable to move ahead, whereas hasty actions may cause unintended accidents.

So how do we decide when to slow down and when to run fast?

While working on strategic planning and concluding on decisions that have an impact, in the long run, it is better to go slow, allow enough time for evaluation from multiple perspectives and come up with a conclusion that will not change very easily.

But once you have decided the direction, then you have to take quick action and create the momentum required to energize everyone on your team and move fast to achieve the goal.

What’s your Mantra of balancing Strategy and Execution?

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