What makes you Unique?

What makes you Unique?

What makes you Unique?


Makarand, we have been doing it this way for years, it has been working well for us, and that is what makes us unique in this business, we can’t change it.”

I was talking to a prospective customer about the challenges she was facing in #modernizing their #technology stack. Modernization does not mean force-fitting the process to meet what is available. Also, it does not mean trying to build new software from scratch.

This is not a surprise. In the #retail business, everybody sells the same set of products, right? However, the #winners do it #differently from others.

It could be their way of #inventory management, handling of #deadstock#promotions#payment terms, or something else. This uniqueness is a key to their #success.

#CoreViewSystems takes a #consultative approach to understand the business problem and provides a solution to the problem. If available we use an off-the-shelf solution, provide customizations as needed, or sometimes we will build it for you.

The key is to solve the #business #problem, not to sell a product or a service.

Is there a #challenge that you are trying to solve?

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