Employee Story | Rohit Patil

Employee Story | Rohit Patil

CoreView employee story Rohit Patil

Three years ago, we released a major new version of our product. The main feature of this release was the integration of AzureDevOps, with our test automation tool. This feature had been extensively tested on the QA environment, but when it was deployed to customer environments, lots of issues occurred. I used to work closely with the Support team to unblock the customer. We provided quick patches, hotfix builds, and workarounds to resolve the issues. Finally, migrated the customer to a new version.

A few months back, I worked mostly on performance-related issues raised by customers. This experience was completely different. Resolving performance issues is challenging, but it improved my language skills and broadened my knowledge to a great extent. I think that resolving performance issues in a short amount of time makes customers happier and trusts you.

If we create an environment that is user-friendly with our customers, we can collect valuable feedback. This helps us grow our business and product.

Customer satisfaction is one of the key factors of business success. And in CoreView, I learn how to be more efficient at my job by providing quick service and support to customers. 

How do you ensure great customer service?

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