Employee Story | Babasaheb Katare

Employee Story | Babasaheb Katare

CoreView Employee Story - Babasaheb Katare


“Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful”
Joshua J. Marine.

It’s fascinating, isn’t it?

Challenges certainly add grace and flavor to life.

One fine day, the marketing team reported a challenging issue, which in turn needed an innovative solution.

One of our clients was experiencing weak internet connectivity and the system users were repeatedly facing an issue accessing the web application.

The reason why I am referring to this as a challenge is that the application was already optimized for low internet connectivity!

Considering trivial scenarios, we already had implemented a buffer to channelize the uplink and downlink activities, to avoid the deadlock.

Despite the provision, the client was unable to sync the data with the application.

So, ultimately, the overall scenario was; no internet connection means no data synchronization!

As a team, we gathered for a huddle and started brainstorming for a solution, and we found one!

The approach for the solution was like this; we would have a local server vamped at the client premises where all the machines would be internally connected to the server, and the data would be synced as per the availability of the internet.

The approach was really good, but there were technical difficulties like synching local data to the cloud and server maintenance.

With a ‘Go Ahead from the client, we started to flex our product to make an onPremise server.

OnPremise server would collect all the data and the data would be pushed to the cloud once a day. To ease out the technicalities, we also developed a simplified UI with the click-of-a-button data synchronization feature.

After a month of using the onPrem server, the client was so happy and satisfied with the solution. Having onPrem deployed in the premises, they no longer had to worry about the internet connectivity, all the data synchronization happened over just a click-of-a-button.

What has been your experience with challenges?

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