Employee Achievement Story | Pranav Nerlekar

Employee Achievement Story | Pranav Nerlekar

Employee Achievement Story - Pranav Nerlekar Success is the sum of small efforts – repeated day in and day out.

  • Robert Collier


How fascinating it is, when you get inspired by a quote and actually put it into action, day in and day out, as the quote reads!


We have relived this quote and have seen the action happen around with a very recent project that we delivered.


One of our clients was looking for a DataBase upgrade, it was a huge project and deadlines were really tight.


And, we all are very familiar with this scenario when we have got a deadline on our dashboard and the clock continuously ticking, every single second counts.


Pranav Nerlekar devoted every ounce of effort which was needed to pull this off and make this happen.


Being a Test Engineer, it’s not only about making sure that things are being done right; you need to be sure that everything is in sync, make sure that there are zero gaps in the communication, and most significantly ensure the quality of the work that you deliver.


Pranav went that extra mile to uncover the dawn of success and, yes, he did it with all might!


CoreView wholeheartedly admires the commitment, dedication, and quality of work that Pranav has put up to make this happen, in time; and, would also like to congratulate him for earning a token of appreciation in return from the client.


Many Congratulations Pranav, keep this spirit up!!!

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