Employee Story | Mohit Chandane

Employee Story | Mohit Chandane

CoreView Employee Story Mohit Chandane“Nothing ever becomes real, till it is experienced.”
– John Keats

Having opted for the IT culture, we always dream to work for an organization where we can learn, apply, adapt and grow.

I believe I am experiencing the truest means of working in IT at CoreView.

Every one of us has heard of the flat culture, but here at CoreView, I happened to experience it.

To sum this up real quick, I was interviewed by our CEO, and I came to know this very further once I joined. Surreal!

Our colleagues are someone we spend most of our time with during our career, and certainly, they play a key role in your growth.

I am a part of a fantastic and energetic team, and I feel surrounded by great minds who are kind, and ready to help at any point in time.

Here, I am not only working for what I am good at, but I am also exploring out of my capabilities, learning, and thus growing!

Thanks, CoreView for the wonderful opportunity.

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