Employee Story | Ameya Dighole

Employee Story | Ameya Dighole

CoreView Employee Story - Ameya Dighole


“Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death.”

– Albert Einstein.

After joining CoreView in 2019, it has really been a small stint but made me gain twice as much knowledge and experience as I got during my previous journey. 

Being a part of challenging projects, I got introduced to a bunch of new technologies and also a habit to keep current with the latest trends.

In the professional journey, there comes a moment where you get a chance to test your metal, dig down deeper and bounce back with a bang!

I am going to share one such experience with you all today.

There was a complexity on this application where it was throwing the users out randomly leaving no traces and patterns to analyze this issue.

I quickly did a code-check for discrepancies, but everything looked fine.

The team also tried to deep-drill and analyze the issue but had no luck.

After rounds of several evaluations, reading and approaches, we were able to figure out that the web application was wrongly configured, the black ship was found.

This challenge left us with a great message that besides technical capabilities, problem-solving skills have got a great role to play.

What do you think, shouldn’t problem-solving be a part of your skill-bucket? 

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