Employee Story | Abhinav Thorat

Employee Story | Abhinav Thorat

CoreView Employee Story - Abhinav Thorat

“When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favor.”
Elon Musk.

This quote by Elon Musk has an ever-lasting imprint in my life which always instills a never-give-up attitude in me.

Coming from a non-technical background, there were a plethora of challenges standing right next to me.

Getting upskilled with Data Science, Programming, and other complementing technologies was a roller-coaster ride for me.

My core grit, determination, and drive towards learning new technologies landed me in the Data Science domain.

I joined CoreView Systems as a Software Engineer, being a part of an enthusiastic and innovative Data Science team I consider myself very much privileged.

In a really short period, I got exposure to cutting-edge technologies like Conversational AI and Cyber Security, offering me a great sense of satisfaction.

The most fascinating thing which I love about CoreView is the way we
get acknowledged and appreciated by the leaders for our good work.

This not only makes us feel happy but also motivates us to keep working harder.

It has been a fairy tale journey for me in CoreView and I hope to build a symbiotic
relationship with the company.

Thank you CoreView for this wonderful opportunity.

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