Employee Achievement Story | Sanatan Waghulkar

Employee Achievement Story | Sanatan Waghulkar

CoreView Employee Achievement - Sanatan Waghulkar“Success is where preparation and opportunity meet.”
-Bobby Unser

So true, isn’t it?

Success comes to those who prepare well for the opportunity and never miss on an opportunity that comes their way.

Today, we are going to share one such achievement story with you all.
With the pandemic, things have become difficult.

Working from home, dealing with uncertainties, collaborating digitally, and ultimately meeting the deadlines and expectations; it’s not as easy as it reads.

Recently, we were planning to perform a complete UI revamp for one of the products.

This wasn’t going to come easy and needed laser-sharp focus to fit.
The team was facing many challenges in terms of work pace sync and meeting deadlines, which was causing delays. For this, not being enough alone, some of the team members also got infected with COVID.

Times were tough, but the spirit to accomplish was even tougher!

Sanatan Waghulkar took the challenge and drove it from the front.

With all those odds stacked against and during the uncertainties, he made the right decisions.

Even towards the end, his management spirit was in the top form. He analyzed and cherry-picked the requirements that can make an impact on the end-users.

CoreView Systems Private Limited wholeheartedly admires Sanatan’s dedication and commitment to getting things done the right way.

He rightfully earned the annual award in the “Spotlight” category.

CoreView congratulates him on achieving this feat.

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