Employee Achievement | Niket Dhomne

Employee Achievement | Niket Dhomne

utilization of external IDE

So I am working on a tool developed in dot net which had a provision of implementing external Custom Actions developed in Java bypassing compiled Java class files for the execution.

This was a pain for end-users as they not only had to always keep track of the latest class files but also had to share the latest ones with other Team members.
How do we solve this problem? Was the question we started with.
We came up with a plan to directly launch the Eclipse IDE through the product.
With every new project created in the product, we created a java project associated with it. The user has to just provide a path to the Eclipse executable and inputs related to a custom action, the rest is taken care of by the product, right from creating a new Java file with an empty stub with Method Signature and all user needs to do is implement the logic and close Eclipse. The product takes care of pushing the latest compiled file into a common shared path which is accessible to other team members as well.
So now, Only the Custom Action Developer needs to be aware of the changes and a common shared repository helps in maintaining the latest compiled file to all other users at the same time without the need to keep track of the latest file.

I am sure there could be more ways to deal with such situations. How would you solve this problem?

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