Employee Story | Niket Dhomne

Employee Story | Niket Dhomne

CoreView Employee Story - Niket Dhomne“Opportunities don’t happen. You create them.”
Chris Grosser

Before being a part of the CoreView family, I was a part of a startup. It was a fantastic team of 5 and I enjoyed working.

And, the change took place!

During my initial days at CoreView, I used to wonder a lot about working in a team, collaborating over technologies and ideas, dedicating myself with the team towards a goal.

Today, I am about to complete 3 years with CoreView, thriving, experimenting, and enjoying my professional journey to its best!

May it be an important project to be delivered in no time or may it be a celebration, one thing is there in common, the enthusiasm that each of the CoreView members carries along, it’s amazing.

On the professional front, projects that I was fortunate enough to be a part of and I am handling now are challenging yet fun to work on. It helped me innovate and nurture a problem-solving attitude.

Functioning in a flat organizational structure, each member shares a great bond with one other; this is what keeps the momentum going and helps to achieve the set goals.

With the pandemic, came a great challenge to collaborate virtually and still maintain the momentum to meet the deadlines. But believe me, CoreView family made it look effortless and swift!

I would like to take a moment and appreciate the beauty of this quick adoption and teamwork that CoreView Family has benchmarked!

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