Employee Story | Pravin Gadde

Employee Story | Pravin Gadde

CoreView Employee Story - Pravin Gadde


“Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

It’s been 4 years, collaborating with teams, matching the momentum, meeting the deadlines, driving responsibilities, learning, and growing at CoreView.

Driving the team towards a goal undertakes a set of activities to be followed systematically.

And, to keep the team geared up to the next level, planning is the first thing that needs to be done right.

Today, I am sharing my enthralling experience doing the same.

I initiated the process with peer-to-peer work assessments, this helped develop an idea about individuals’ work ethic and perception.

Motivation played a great part for the team to upskill and keep current with the trend and technologies.

Timely attributing success to the team members worked wonders. It added great value to the team’s unity and growth.

Ahead of this, tracking the long-term team goals helped me reduce the workload for the team.

To have everyone on the same page, each team member participated in feature planning and implementation discussions.

Most importantly, the one-on-one discussions. These have been the secret sauce for the team’s success.

To sum it all up, hosting a general meeting for open discussions where team members can share their personal experiences, laugh together, have a little fun helped building a bond, which is essential for integrity.

Working together towards a common goal is fun when you know each other better and share the same passion to attain the goal and grow.

How do you plan for gearing your team up?

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