Employee Story | Akshay Patil

Employee Story | Akshay Patil

Employee Story - Akshay Patil

“Confidence comes not from always being right but from not fearing to be wrong.”
Peter T. Mcintyre

Confidence does come with knowledge. The more know, the better you grow!

Well, gaining insightful knowledge is one part and sharing it with everyone is the other.

As a Software Engineer, there were very less instances where I got an opportunity to present a topic to the team.

Apparently, we have started an interesting activity during the All hands meet which happens at CoreView, every three weeks.

We recently started having knowledge-sharing sessions in the same meeting where the members can share their knowledge or experiences, which can help other members to learn and improve.

It was the second time though when I was going to present something.

The first time when I did this, I experienced mixed feelings. I was a bit nervous about how will it go, will everyone be able to cope up and grasp what I am sharing, and so on.

But, this time I was back with the confidence, with the confidence to present my learnings in the best possible way.

The topic was about data-driven programming and a new framework besides the learnings that I eared while working on this project.

The day arrived, on my turn, I started off with the presentation.

It really went well, we also had a few rounds of questions and queries, that we discussed to a considerable depth.

I also received valuable feedback from some of the team members on the presentation that I delivered. Those were some great points that would help me improve for the future.

All in all, it was a great experience consolidating and sharing the learnings through the presentation and answering the queries. This certainly has boosted my confidence to the next level.

What helps you boost your confidence?

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