Employee Story | Rakhi Swarnakar

Employee Story | Rakhi Swarnakar

CoreView Employee Story - Rakhi Swarnakar“Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.”
– Winston Churchill

I joined CoreView Systems Private Limited as a ReactJS Developer. As a part of the process, and with due respect to remote working, I got inducted virtually.

Being a part of a very new organization, I was very excited. But, as all of us are operating virtually, I didn’t get a chance to interact and get introduced to the CoreView family members.

Very soon, right after I joined, I got an invite for the All-hands meeting, I was not sure what this was all about.

I joined the meeting at the scheduled time, 3 people joined right after me, 5 more joined..in more than 5 mins almost 40+ people joined the meeting. As the name read, it was the All-hands meet, having all the family members together, connected virtually!

I was very excited to see this!

CoreView has been hosting All Hands meet every three weeks virtually, to keep everyone updated about the company updates, new people joining the family, and just to tickle the element of fun.

Right after the company updates from the concerned members, HR called my name for the formal introduction and then started the party of questions!
Right from my technical capabilities to my hobbies, I was asked many questions! And, I enjoyed every bit of this conversation.

This small gesture denotes how closely the CoreView family is connected and opt-out to having fun even during the virtual all-hands meet.

Thank you CoreView for this wonderful opportunity.

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