Employee Story – Yogendra

  How many people leave a company, and come back to it, happily? I have! ? I have completed 6 years at #coreviewsystems, during which I worked for another company for a brief period of time, but came back. After I switched, I realised what Coreview was all about and why I enjoyed working at CoreView … Continued

Employee Story – Sanatan

  I joined #CoreViewsystems after a 3-year break from IT. Though I had a lot of development experience earlier, it was rusty. During these 3 years, I was running a different business, which provided me the exposure of interacting with different people. Getting back into software development was a challenge. During the selection process at CoreView, I … Continued

Employee Story – Tejpal

  I joined CoreView 7 years ago, as a fresher, and still recall the interview. It was a tough nut to crack! (all problem solving & logic) I can never forget a comment by the CEO of the company – “CoreView is a family. ?” Since then we have together achieved great heights. My journey … Continued