We are entering the age of live connectivity

We are entering the age of live connectivity

We are entering the age of live connectivity

People are always wanting faster internet speeds. 4G technology is beginning to reach its limits.

5G is littering the world with so many Wi-Fi routers (including outer space) that there can never be congestion within the internet.

This will make the internet widely available, and because the setup costs (and maintenance costs) are so minimal, the data will be super cheap… and fast.

It’s going to change the world.

The era of real-time networking is coming. With Covid-19 available, HD video calls can be made continuously using smart glasses (instead of in-person meetings). Self-driving vehicles will increase reliability and availability. As we cease making computers and phones with processors and instead connect to supercomputers for a monthly fee, pollution will be decreased. The lag is gone for gamers. There have been numerous revisions.

The following significant areas that 5G will transform are energy, efficiency, and service deployment, enabling devices to use an astounding 90% less energy for data processing than 4G networks. Services will be implemented much quicker because of improved efficiency, reduced energy use, and 5G.

What more areas do you think 5G will impact, and how?

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