Shift-Left Testing for Scalability

Shift-Left Testing for Scalability


Shift left testing for scalalbility


Shift-Left Testing is a transformation from Defect detection to defect prevention

Traditionally Testing has been at the very right extreme of Requirements, Design, Development, and Testing of the software development cycle. Shift-Left concept says move your testing to the left to involve testing and testers in every phase.

This approach helps detect and fix defects very early in the game, rather than detecting them in your traditional test cycles at the extreme right. It gives you time to understand and design the test scenarios, test cases and identify automation hotspots.

This is a great article on Shift- Left testing for a deeper understanding of the approach.

But here are 3 important points you must keep in mind for large scale projects-

  • The impact & cost of the defects is amplified by the scale if found in later stages.
  • Gives valuable time and understanding to develop automation, which is of paramount importance to test at the said scale.
  • Ensures that the theme of the project (Performance and Scalability) is ingrained in all stages of the project.

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