Forklifting existing Client-Server installations into The Cloud

  In an era where users are demanding more flexibility and security in accessing personal and professional data, from anywhere and anytime, how does the CIO take up the challenge to move the solutions that use popular Client Sever architecture and move them to Cloud without glitches? Client server systems are typical distributed systems, that … Continued

Employee Story – Swapnil

  Having completed 10 years at Coreview, I can probably write a #book to tell about my #journey so far. It has been quite fulfilling and fantastic. But let’s keep it short. In one line – Coreview provided me with a #workplace that fostered my #ideas, my expertise, and my personal #skills so much that today I work across multiple platforms and departments to … Continued

Being a Self Starter

  “Makarand, Today, you have to tell me the #Secret! “ A #client asked me at the lunch meeting. “How in the world do you manage to have such a #proactive and yet seamless #development across the company at such scale?” It’s been the #third time the client raised this #question in a week’s time, and I realized that this is something I must share with … Continued

Employee Story – Meghna

  Any company gives you an #opportunity to work in the role you want. A great company sees your #potential, takes you in, and guides you to become someone you dreamt of.? Coreview has been that great company for me. They saw what I was #capable of and took a chance on me. Switching from #engineering to #marketing with almost no experience is not … Continued

Interviewee Referral

  The CoreView #recruitment process is a hard nut to crack. There are layers of filters which check for technical, professional, personal competence, at levels that are relevant for the position being filled. Along with deep technical knowledge, CoreView looks for logical abilities, clarity of expression and attitude towards work. The result is a #team of professionals that are #best in … Continued

Customer delight … is not enough ?

  Friends… Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean to say that Customer delight is not important …All I am saying is it’s not enough to stop at that … Every business tries exceeding Customer expectations to create a positive customer experience. But, when you are a B2B company, the game is different. It is not … Continued

Employee Story – Shreyas

  I had almost three years of experience prior to joining Coreview. However, inside CoreView I have grown so much professionally just in one year’s time! Thanks to the #management‘s #encouragement to learn and explore new things. In this year’s time, I got to work on different and interesting #AI/#ML projects. The best part is that you get to work … Continued

Customer Satisfaction

  It was a #Monday morning, and I was looking forward to another week packed with action. My calendar was full of meetings, and other unscheduled tasks. My phone started ringing and I was surprised to see a #call from our newest #customer. After the initial greeting messages we jumped straight into a meaningful #conversation. “I am pleasantly surprised with my … Continued

Employee Story – Pankaj

  If you have the #passion to #learn… work at CoreView! One can grow professionally and personally if they take advantage of the open #culture and the flat hierarchy. I joined as a #fresher and have been a part of the Coreview family for 5 years. Even though I was a fresher and my skill set was limited to Java, I was … Continued