What helps you choose the best?

        “Your selection of things is mostly the reflection of your thoughts, inner feelings, and character.” ? Ehsan Sehgal The continuous bombardment of information, meaningful or not, has complicated our life beyond imagination. In general having more choices for selection, will be considered as a positive thing, having a lot of choices, … Continued

How to elevate the productivity of meetings?

  Any meeting has three types of participants, those who talk, those who listen, and those who don’t do anything. Ideally, any meeting should have only two persons in it. Every extra person present is a loss of productivity. Though a lot has been written about conducting meetings efficiently, it becomes difficult to practice, particularly … Continued

The AI,ML Star Cast

      No, I don’t want to make this post sound like yet another post to underline the importance of Data Engineering to Data Science, there are so many of them on the internet, already! I want to talk about the single most important factor (that I feel), which leads to failures of Data … Continued

Job change on mind?

    A job change is a very important event in the career of an engineer. As of today, there is a shortage of good engineers, and also an opportunity to find something that is right for you. Although compensation is an important aspect from a candidate’s perspective, finding a good cultural match is equally … Continued

Would you not appreciate something if it’s for FREE?

  Why would you pay for something, if it is available for free? Customers don’t really pay for a product, what they pay for is a benefit they get buy owning or using the product. We have been working on a new #SaaS product which will be sold in a #freemium model. Obviously, the features which are offered for … Continued