Holiday season peak loads : High Stakes, no margin for error

  For any business with an online business models, peak periods coincide with more business, and hugely increased loads. For a low margin business like retail, these peak period opportunities are critical to book profits for entire year. The stakes are very high and there is no room for error. Sudden surges in traffic, will … Continued

Employee Story – Babasaheb

  Looking back at the 2 years I have spent at Coreview, I realize how far I have come. I started off as a #fresher and didn’t have a solid background. But Coreview provided me with an #opportunity to prove myself. They honed my skills and #groomed me professionally. I have worked on interesting projects to date and with the changing … Continued

All Hands Meeting

  Monday this week was marked by our last “all company meeting” for the year 2020. Well, the #meetings have been happening since the inception of the company. #Management shares company progress in front of all the employees and solicits feedback. This was executed well for the past several years, however during 2020 it turned out to be the … Continued

Two Most Important Words for any business

  Handling of undesired scenarios/events like product replacements/refunds, play a crucial part in defining the customer experience, especially when it comes to the most competitive industry – E-commerce business. This is where one of our customers decided to build their Differentiation, by providing unmatched customer satisfaction, with faster delivery and quick returns, while competing with … Continued

Employee Story – Yogendra

  How many people leave a company, and come back to it, happily? I have! ? I have completed 6 years at #coreviewsystems, during which I worked for another company for a brief period of time, but came back. After I switched, I realised what Coreview was all about and why I enjoyed working at CoreView … Continued

Waiting in the queues?

  COVID or No COVID, some of our customers have been happily waiting in the queues. Imagine going to a hi-life restaurant without pushing through the crowd, Imagine getting into a queue, before you reach, while being assured your position in the queue, and without impatiently watching over others’ shoulders. Imagine the ease of stepping … Continued

What is your definition of growth?

  What is your definition of growth? Everyone wants to grow, however what it means to them can be completely different. For some it is the pay package, for others it is the number of people reporting, for some others it is the title or designation. For the remaining, it is just their experience counted … Continued

Wait… Are you leaving the Money on the Table?

Acquiring a new customer can cost five times more than retaining an existing customer! Let’s dive into the stats! Increasing customer retention by 5% can increase profits by 25-95% whereas the success rate of selling to a customer you already have is 60-70%, while the success rate of selling to a new customer is 5-20%. … Continued

Employee Story – Sanatan

  I joined #CoreViewsystems after a 3-year break from IT. Though I had a lot of development experience earlier, it was rusty. During these 3 years, I was running a different business, which provided me the exposure of interacting with different people. Getting back into software development was a challenge. During the selection process at CoreView, I … Continued

Asking the right business question

  Last week I wrote about meeting the expectations of the end-user. That will definitely make your product easy to use and popular. But is that good enough? To make a product useful, it has to solve a very specific business problem. Or else don’t write the code, at least not yet. At CoreView Systems Private … Continued