setting a priority

setting a priority

setting a priority

“Would you like to have another burger?” Deepak was surprised by my question.

“Right now? Can’t even think about it.” We were close to finishing lunch. It was time for some dessert, and maybe he would have said yes to it, but a burger was not at all expected.

The question was asked with a purpose. Deepak was explaining to me a list of features that needed to be added in the product. Having all those will result in many more customer wins. And who does not look for more revenues?

There is always a lot more that can be done and many startup executives are looking for all of it in the next release. Having too much on the plate can be damaging.

Here are some of the points worth considering.

• Having too many things in one release can delay the release date, losing opportunities of early revenues.
• It can result in lost efforts, since there is not enough feedback from the customer, before the product goes out.
• It can affect the quality of the features.
• The wrestling product may have things which are potentially incomplete or unusable.
• The sales efforts may get distributed over a larger customer base, reducing the ROI.

Identifying a core customer problem and resolving it in the best possible way in minimum efforts is the key to faster growth.

How much would you like to add in the next release?

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