Runtime Application Self-Protection

Runtime Application Self-Protection

Customer Challenges:

  • Quick Concept to Market . 1.0 product to be released within 6 months
  • Highly complex vRASP product dealing with network security


  • Build and Operated the customer team for 4 years , churning out multiple releases after the 1.0
  • Involvement in Pre-Sales, Customer POCs
  • CoreView successfully completed the ‘Transfer’ of the functionally complete product (with customers), and a highly productive team

CoreView Solution:

  • Fast track team formation for POC for 1.0 product
  • Close Involvement in Architecture & Design & overall product quality
  • Technical contribution across C/C++, Java, DB, Linux, Windows drivers
  • World class product development infrastructure with Test Automation, Daily builds using DevOps toolset

Other Considerations:

  • Enterprise Scalability
  • Support for protection of multiple Enterprise Applications across platforms

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