Malware Prediction

Malware Prediction

Malware Prediction

Customer Challenges:

  • To gain competitive advantage by accurate prediction of malicious / non-malicious files using Machine learning


  • Consistently achieved desired FPR (0.3 %)
  • Lean model with faster prediction

CoreView Solution:

  • Advanced ML classification algorithm to predict malicious files
  • Detailed feature engineering with a variety of file data
  • Classifiers models like Gradient Boosting, Decision Tree, etc
  • Automated pipeline for data ingestion and training
  • APIs for consumption, training, feedback of model
  • Leaner model and very fast prediction, minimal compute
  • Deployed with PySpark on AWS

Other Considerations:

  • Model size must be small
  • Desired False Positive Rate (FPR) < 0.5 %
  • Training on a massive data

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