Customer Challenges:

  • Ensure data integrity while satisfying business continuity requirements
  • Support existing customers as well as bring the new development at par with the existing functionality
  • Become source of truth for all applications connecting to system
  • Near real-time add / update of customer data
  • Hugh amount of data: 4 million organizations, 10 million organization names, 7 million consumers, 320 million person names
  • Hugh transaction volumes, million add / update requests, 150K customer searches and address cleansing


  • Ensured business continuity while delivering new and existing features using the new architecture
  • Removed IBM stack dependency for various applications
  • Better performance and scalability due to the micro-services based architecture

CoreView Solution:

  • Complete understanding of the existing system including but not limited to IBM stack, DB2 schema, various workflows, real-time and batch transactions
  • Incremental build and deliver approach to ensure business continuity
  • Complete integration of the off-site and on-site team using agile methodology and continuous interaction and feedback
  • Designed and delivered micro-services based solution to ensure scale, performance and maintainability

Other Considerations:

  • Replace the existing IBM Stack with open source solutions to enable quicker enhancements and reduce downtime. Ensure business continuity while ensuring at par or better performance and scalability than the existing system

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