Intelligent Monitoring for Fish Farm

Intelligent Monitoring for Fish Farm

Customer Challenges:

  • Large number of ponds, approx 0.5 acres each made it difficult and expensive to monitor
  • Multiple parameters can affect produce size and quantity
  • Chance of Human Errors was high


  • 15% Reduction in operating costs
  • 25% Increase in produce weight
  • Early warning system, and push notifications to prevent unexpected business losses

CoreView Solution:

  • MindSphere framework powered IoT solution
  • Automated data capture using field sensors – Water Quality, Feed Timings, Pump Health and Pump Operations
  • Serverless data-processing and storage of time series data
  • AI based Image analysis for produce quality & size monitoring
  • Early warning Detection of parameters threshold breaches

Other Considerations:

  • Single dashboard Visualization for health of all ponds with drill downs
  • Produce quality detection of moving targets

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