Customer Churn Prediction

Customer Churn Prediction

Customer Challenges:

  • To predict the corporate customers who are going to churn in next 3 months
  • What are the drivers for the churn and how to reduce the churn?


  • 8% reduction in Customer churn for the 2 quarters
  • 5 % increase in revenue by Cross sell and up-sell
  • Increase in Customer satisfaction

CoreView Solution:

  • Analysis of 100K B2B customers data for last 24 months
  • Feature engineering – Calls data, Billing data, Care tickets data etc
  • Python – Data processing and time-series forecasting
  • Models based on Random Forest, Clustering and LSTM
  • ARIMA time series forecasting

Other Considerations:

  • No direct measure for effectiveness
  • Parameters and their impact on results is not well defined

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