Performance and Scalability Engineering

Performance and Scalability Engineering

Customer Challenges:

  • Highly complex and interdependent internal structure of the source (PST) data, made it difficult to create parallel threads for execution
  • Speed of archival – as new data was generated and archived on a continuous basis in a time critical manner
  • Need for a platform agnostic solution, to reduce license cost to customers


  • 25X better performance of the module
  • Linearly scalable execution allowed more power
  • Able to archive Petabytes of data in a day in real time
  • Added facility to measure and monitor progress
  • Saved thousands of dollars on distribution license costs

CoreView Solution:

  • Redeveloped the specific archiving module using open source tech – Java
  • Highly concurrent code
  • Scaled using Apache Storm
  • Non-IP Contribution to open source libraries
  • Heuristics based algorithm to find data/asset ownership


  • Measure, identify and demonstrate bottlenecks in existing running code
  • Complete re-design and development of the module for scalability
  • Maintain functional accuracy & demonstrate by comparing with existing results

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