Qualitia – Web & Mobile Automation Framework

Qualitia – Web & Mobile Automation Framework

Customer Challenges:

  • Sluggish user interface, spaghetti code. Existing team was non-existent
  • CoreView needed to build an engineering team to work on multiple fronts. Maintain existing product, add new features, and modernize
  • Slew of new features from PM, meant new challenges, new technologies to understand and add features in timely fashion
  • Make new features agnostic to the underlying automation platforms supported by Qualitia.
  • Integrations with multiple external platforms for ALM, Test Mgmt, Test Executions, etc…


  • Mobile test automation has completed Qualitia’s product offerings and has been able to convert ~5 enterprise prospects to paying customers
  • Swift Integrations has not only catapulted Qualitia ahead of most of its competitors , but recently also helped in closing deals with with large enterprise customers.
  • Visible positive difference in the user interactions has brought in a lot of brownie points from the actual end users.
  • Refactoring and modernization has helped the pace with which we can deliver new features, resolve escalations.

CoreView Solution:

  • Started cleaning and familiarizing with the code
  • Ramped up the team in 3 months to understand the entire product.
  • Revamped User Interfaces with MVVM implementation to improve responsiveness and refactoring
  • Team actively shouldered complete responsibility of resolving customer escalations in timely fashion
  • Added following key features to product
  • Built remote debugger using Apache Thrift, Java, Web Services
  • Introduced Mobile Automation Platform built using Appium , React JS, Java
  • Built USP feature, Mobile Object Spy , which eased the process of creating automation tests for Native, Web and Hybrid Mobile Apps
  • Created an Integration Layer provide a common integration ecosystem for external platforms like HP-ALM, JIRA, Sauce Labs, Perfecto, etc….
  • Design Studio built using Angular JS, Node JS to cross reference Project Requirements to test case management, to make release decisions

solution need:

  • A fast growing company with constant need to stay up-to-date with latest trends and technologies in the test automation domain to attract new customers and serve the existing ones.
  • Qualitia required test automation domain expertise, research acumen and a team which can deliver in Agile fashion to achieve all of this without affecting existing customer deliverables.

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