Massively Scalable Data Service Data Security

Massively Scalable Data Service Data Security

Customer Challenges:

  • Needed Replacement for a highly expensive subscription service
  • Govt. regulations required data to be confined within the country


  • Instant cost savings by one M $ every year.
  • In premise deployment – Increased Security of customer data
  • 99.9% uptime maintained for over three years by now
  • Increased reliability of categorization

CoreView Solution:

  • Highly scalable, clustered configuration with multiple fan outs
  • Active / Active and Active / Passive Database Replication
  • Replaced HTTPS to reduce session overheads
  • Built in system metrics. with monitoring, Alerts
  • Open Source Technology

Other Considerations:

  • 75K hits per second
  • 99.9% uptime,
  • Protection from site failure
  • Near real time response
  • Below 1 sec turnaround

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