360° Travel recommendation engine

360° Travel recommendation engine

Customer Challenges:

  • Varied and growing data sets – Blogs, WikiTravel, Wikipedia, Travel Guides, Google APIs


  • Relevance ranked blogs proved very helpful in decisions
  • Complete information of travel destination, with recommendations , for flights, hotels, food, attractions, to-dos
  • One stop for all travel destination related info

CoreView Solution:

  • Travel recommendation engine for 3600 view of tourist destination.
  • Community opinion on destinations and food options etc, with content ranked on relevance ,
  • Sentiment analysis of Blogs for the target destinaion

Other Considerations:

  • Wikitravel, Wikipedia – Seed for well sectioned & dis-ambiguated info,
  • Hadoop/Spark,NLP pipeline – Opinion miniing from blogs & travel guides
  • Extraction of information like famous restaurants, hotels and attractions.
  • Solr for indexing NLP artifacts

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