RPA Based Data Collection Data Aggregation

RPA Based Data Collection Data Aggregation

Customer Challenges:

  • Manual process was slow and error prone
  • Diversity of data available from different partner systems
  • No API for Data access
  • System availability restricted to certain time period


  • Hands free data capture on schedule without miss
  • Eliminated changes of human errors during conversion process
  • Convenient and accurate reporting

CoreView Solution:

  • Design and development of automated data collection system using HTML scraping
  • Scheduling capture runs based on available time slots
  • Use of cloud technologies and dynamic instances to optimize resource utilization and save operational costs
  • Conversion to convenient data formats such as XLS and PDF

Other Considerations:

  • Handling of failures due to network errors
  • Availability of remote systems is not guaranteed
  • Remote system interfaces could change anytime without notice

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