Actiance – Compliance, archiving and analytics

Actiance – Compliance, archiving and analytics

Customer Challenges:

  • Platform independent solution for Windows OS specific file formats
  • Stringent performance and scalability requirements
  • Automation and integration with existing product with at par functionality
  • Highly complex and interdependent internal structure of the source( PST, MSG )


  • 25x improvements in reading data from PST and MSG files
  • Libraries built in a way to scale up and scale out based on load and performance requirements
  • 5x better performance during recreation of the original data
  • Saved thousands of dollars on distribution license costs for dependent libraries, per deployment and dependency on them for issues and support
  • Ability to archive Petabytes of data in a day in real time

CoreView Solution:

  • Built pluggable libraries using core JAVA
  • Complete understanding of the, PST, CFBF and Message file formats
  • Developed a performance and scalability-focused solution
  • 100% data parity with respect to recreation of data
  • Non-IP Contribution to open source libraries
  • Heuristics based algorithm to find data/asset ownership

solution need:

  • Platform agnostic solution to read files like .PST and .MSG and recreate .MSG files with desired read performance of 250 messages / second. The intent of the solution is to replace licensed 3rd party software libraries and be at par with the existing functionality while significantly improving the read and write performance

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