End to End functional testing service for a large MNC

End to End functional testing service for a large MNC

Customer Challenges:

  • 1000+ existing functional requirements
  • Domain knowledge was fragmented and spread across multiple groups
  • Large and distributed development team
  • Lack of proper test data


  • Accurate representation of release readiness in a daily dashboard
  • Better control of planning scrums and and delivery at milestones
  • Improved product roadmap with thorough functional coverage
  • Aggregated knowledge base for functionality

CoreView Solution:

  • Use of ClearVoyance methodology for product development
  • Engagement with domain experts, Identification of missing requirements with USE analysis
  • Computation of stability index and periodic reporting through dashboards
  • Recommendation for ROI based test automation

Other Considerations:

  • Highly configurable product, resulted in large number of possible configurations and use cases
  • Fluctuating defect stats could not provide sense of release stability

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