Business Analytics platform

Business Analytics platform

Customer Challenges:

  • Massive Data Integration, generated by multiple sources
  • Massive distributed data by country
  • Country Specific business rules
  • Diverse User base, dynamic access control


  • Ready to use & Optimized Essential Data to each beneficiary
  • Optimized and relevant Data Visualization per beneficiary
  • Optimized Access Control and Auditing
  • Easily configurable UI, ease of extending to new countries

CoreView Solution:

  • Confidence building POC – Data capture, integrate to fit in system
  • Data Engineering

    -Country wise database creation

    -DB restructuring for Query optimization

    – Plugin based data gathering architecture

  • Automated Unit tests, Configurable L10N, I18N

Other Considerations:

  • Scalable for Size and Country
  • Complex Interactive Query Builder
  • Roles and Rules based access control
  • Data Slicing by Person, Employer, Country, time and combinations

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