Script-less automation for Desktop, Web and Mobile

Script-less automation for Desktop, Web and Mobile

Customer Challenges:

  • Script-less automation product gaining traction in enterprise market – required to be scaled
  • Need to catch-up & then escape competition
  • Quick response to demands of customers is required


  • Multiple successful releases of the product to be used by enterprise customers
  • Increased license revenues

CoreView Solution:

  • Built a team with strong knowledge of .NET framework, Web Technology, Existing automation tools like Selenium, Appium
  • Release planning and execution based on Agile principles making newer features available quickly
  • Design Of Experiments, evaluating Proof Of Concept for newer innovative features
  • Coordination with product managers and non-engineering teams

Other Considerations:

  • Product functionality was spread across modules that will execute on different platforms
  • Different versions of the product being tested, requires maintaining different versions of product & test data

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