Teaming with Outsiders

Teaming with Outsiders

Teaming with Outsiders


“Makarand, I have attended several training sessions on teamwork. I have conducted a few sessions for my teams. Is there something new that you are talking about?” Yash was over- reacting to my comment about teamwork.

The importance of teamwork can never be ignored. After several years of experience it sounds very trivial. At the same time a few things get taken for granted.

“Who do you consider as a member in your team?” I tried to be clearer this time.

“Every person in my organization is a part of my team. I work with them very closely, know their capabilities and help them perform better by supporting them where required.” Yash was very clear in his thoughts, and no doubt he was proud of his team.

“That sounds perfect. Have you considered people outside the organization, like the mentors, directors and even competitors?”

When you want to solve larger problems, it may not be possible to do so with the resources at hand. The obvious answer is to go beyond the obvious. Teaming up with competitors may sound strange, but it does help when we fall short on any aspect of the solution.

Are you teaming up with people outside of your organization?

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