Product Development Strategy: Continuous Improvement And Never-Ending Selling

Product Development Strategy: Continuous Improvement And Never-Ending Selling

Continuous Improvement And Never-Ending Selling in product development

“Hello, as suggested by you, we have already achieved our first milestone.” Sangram was ready to show me his first deliverable.

Yash was quiet while we were appreciating it. “Based on the plan from Sangram, it will take at least six months before we start selling. I can’t take it to any customer before it is ready. I am wondering how to use that time.”

“It does not make sense to start closing the orders when the product is not ready. However, that does not mean you can stop selling. You can meet potential customers and prepare them to buy your product. It takes enormous amounts of effort before you have the order in hand.”

“If I go to the market and start showing my idea, I will be alerting competitors. They can steal the idea and build a product of their own. I want to keep it a secret till it is ready.” Said Yash.

“Well, you are right, but you do not have to reveal all the secrets. You can create teasers, that will make them curious. Can you?”

Sales are considered as the last activity that can start only after the product is completely ready. Well, it may be the case for some routine products. With innovative products that are not true. Your product development may never be complete, as you will keep adding features all the time. Similarly, you can never stop selling. What you sell will change over time.

Have you ever stopped selling?

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