The first step to take before developing a product

The first step to take before developing a product

taking first step towards product development

The days are getting a little longer and the sun has become a bit bright…

It felt really nice when we entered the coffee shop. It was cooler inside. Yash and Sangram opened a sheet with a big list of product features. Looks like they had spent a lot of time figuring out the implementation details of the product.

As anyone would expect, Sangram started explaining the details.

“I have started writing code as a proof of concept for solving the problem at hand. I am evaluating different options. Once it is ready, I will demonstrate it to potential users.”

Sangram was on the right track. The most common mistake observed with the first-timers is that they start writing detailed product requirements with user stories or start defining the product architecture to a great level of detail. Though it is very important, it is not the first thing to worry about.

“Great way to start, Sangram. Focus on things that will help you to answer the following questions.”

Have you understood the real customer pain point?

Does your solution really address the pain?

Can it be used without a lot of additional overhead?

Does it have any good/bad side effects?

The rest will follow.

What was your first step?


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