Have you utilized your strategic break productively?

Have you utilized your strategic break productively?

Utilizing your strategic break productively

“So Makarand, how was your strategic break last week? Did you get a chance for introspection?” I was anticipating this question from the teams I work with.

“Yes, I did and soon you will see some difference in the way we work.” was my prompt answer.

I thought about and evaluated my involvement in the activities of different teams, and categorized them in different segments.

• Teams that can operate more or less independent of me. The leads within these teams can drive the team going forward. I decided to reduce my own involvement and get out of their path, giving them a lot more freedom.
• Teams that still need more involvement. I will work on developing the leadership in these teams, and push them into the category above soon after that happens.
• Teams that are newly forming. These are teams where I need to spend more effort and energy going forward.

It’s also time to have similar discussions with executives, and encourage them to take up a similar approach within their own teams.

Break productively utilized! Isn’t it?

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