How To Delegate A Work Efficiently?

How To Delegate A Work Efficiently?

Delegating a work


“I know I have to do it, I mean I have to give it to someone. I am overwhelmed by the work that needs to be done. And I just can’t do everything.” Sameer sounded quite frustrated. Well, it looked like he had the right answer. He just needed some help to actually do it.

“That problem has been solved many times before, and every time you will find a different way going forward. The first step is to find everything that can be done by someone else and then look around to see who can do it. You will be surprised, others can do certain things wonderfully well, and sometimes better than how you would have done it.”

Delegation plays a very important role in delivering anything on a large scale. There is a limit on how much one person can do. However, our own ego can become a stopper in the progress.

How do you get the confidence that the person will perform the task with the quality that you would have? In fact, you are quite convinced that it is not possible. No one else can perform anything, exactly the way you would do it.

To get over it, specify your expectations about the outcome and put measures in place to monitor. Initially, you will be tempted to monitor more often, but soon your confidence will increase.

How long did it take to perfect the art of delegation for you?

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